Pick the Fruit

The gods feed on the fruit of the cosmic tree And the demons watch them enviously Eve picked the apple because it was ripe and juicy She did it for us to know that we are worthy The fall, it never really happened at all​ We descend and ascend at the same time The tree [...]


2am Epiphany

Who am I? I am a breathing human being Perhaps I will be reborn. If I ask myself Who am I? Am I the best human being that I can be? Am I being the best kind of friend, sister, daughter, lover? Am I being the best kind of me? My responsibility is to the [...]

Bare Bones

If I am to evolve to be the clearest and lightest I can be I must die to the person I once was Bare myself to my bones Clear out my conscience Face my shadow Confess my dishonesties I sometimes smoke cigarettes and have done since age three at kindergarten, I would pick up cigarette [...]

Humble Servant

If I am unkind unconscious I will lose my mind to the darkness​ recreating suffering If I am kind conscious I will embody my mind in the light recreating ecstasy My challenge is to be conscious in order to be kind interrelating my body with my mind I can become a humble servant of the [...]

My Mountain

Back to the windy city my nervous system spasms uncontrollably all over my body convulses as I recalibrate to the intense density of this city In order to harmonize I too become dense I contract and solidify layer upon layer my energetic body draws closer​ together in order to not fall apart when confronted with [...]

Ascending Descending

I unlearn the limits ways to string words together the world that I have been given cracks open in a violent mess and normalcy stops making sense I unlearn the sanctions ways of embodying contradiction controlling my wild animal nature but permitted to drink, smoke and have sex with a stranger I have been descending [...]

Morning Prayer

Goodmorning world, I am alive! Thank you, my family, my ancestors, my community. May I remember who I am May I live in accordance with my highest self May I embody my spirit in every moment May I be light May I be strong May I allow moments to laugh May I create moments of [...]

Never Known A Woman

My voice has not been heard the volume was turned down to the lowest low And my audience had not learnt how to listen And my audience had not developed their inner ear And my audience had forgotten how to care My words have not been understood the concept was dismissed as too dark, complex [...]


My sense is that there is something greater than what we commonly perceive. The elusive creator is something that we all naturally detect and yet either deny or try to crystalise into something that can be seen. The elusive creator is this something greater but this something greater is not the elusive creator. Not the [...]