Movement Underground

The earth moves
under the weight of my flesh and bones,
and I am no longer in control.

You can find shelter from the storm,
a hot bath and dry clothes;
or a fresh glass of pure water
and a cool bathing pool,
to find relief from the radiation of the sun.

But you can find nothing
to hold you
still and secure
when the earth moves.

Your beloved mother shakes and trembles,
and lollops and rumbles,
unpredictably declining into disorder.

Although, you must remember,
this is a natural phenomena,
in which what is out of our control
can destruct everything we know.

And yet from this
new layers of humanity
exist spontaneously.

Creation is more than the sum of its parts.

Creatures that we are,
we come together,
and create something more,
solidarity and security
where it could not exist before.


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