Morning Prayer

Goodmorning world, I am alive! Thank you, my family, my ancestors, my community. May I remember who I am May I live in accordance with my highest self May I embody my spirit in every moment May I be light May I be strong May I allow moments to laugh May I create moments of [...]



Home lives in me Home lives in my body Home lives in my relationships I cultivate home within the ones I love Home lives in my connections within my community A hug from an acquaintance A smile from a familiar face Home lives in my food on the ground where I stand in the spaces [...]

Never Known A Woman

My voice has not been heard the volume was turned down to the lowest low And my audience had not learnt how to listen And my audience had not developed their inner ear And my audience had forgotten how to care My words have not been understood the concept was dismissed as too dark, complex [...]


My sense is that there is something greater than what we commonly perceive. The elusive creator is something that we all naturally detect and yet either deny or try to crystalise into something that can be seen. The elusive creator is this something greater but this something greater is not the elusive creator. Not the [...]


I am living on eggs, beans and sardines and wondering what it means to be a man in a dying Mans World. Is growing up a boy now a disadvantage over growing up a girl? I am living on fresh country air, birdsong and books temporarily taken under a catholic wing I'm taking a second [...]


Woman is still defined by man And yet women in the 18th century would walk arm in arm, hand in hand. It was not an act of rebellion or a sexual revolution to become a lesbian, it was an act of sisterhood. Because a woman knows very well the vital importance of affection. A woman [...]

Perfect Youth

Am I so unlovable if my thighs a larger my viens more visible my hair thinner where it should be thick and thick where it shouldn't be seen? If I let the radiation of the sun taint my once perfect youth? In this time that I find myself alive I am forced into believing in [...]

You Are Not Replaceable

Our culture that I find myself immersed in is poisoning our age To be normal is to so easily dismiss and forget the sacredness of everyone and everything So consumed with consuming and wasting reducing all of our lives to being a productive citizen To be wasted with everything else that gets thrown in a [...]

Flesh and Bones

Woman, where is your sense of divinity? It is surely better to vow celibacy than to let an undeserving boy touch your sacred body Unless the guy is willing to look you in the eye to worship your flesh and bones to honour your spirit as equal to or above his own then his touch [...]

Honour the Dead

I am on the tracks the train kills in an instant and there is no turning back But I am on the right track I am on the right track Trying to forget all that I have learned and remember what makes me tick and remember that I already know I already know and that [...]